To know God better. The better we know God, the better we can follow Him.
The Bible is the only book which is totally reliable and without error- unlike philosophies written by men.

What Bible study will do for us:

  • It will make you a strong Christian- 1 John 2:14 (The young men strong because Word of God was in them.)
  • It assures of salvation.1 John 5:13
  • It will give confidence in prayer- John 15:7, 1 John 5:14,15
  • it will cleanse us from sin.-John 17:17
  • It will give you joy.-John 15:11
  • it will produce peace in your life. Luke 11: 28
  • It will guide you in making important decisions in life- direction and wisdom for daily living- Ps. 119:105
  • It will help you share your faith with others.-1 Peter 3:15
  • It will guarantee your success and make you more fruitful in your life. Joshua 1:8, Ps 1:1-3
  • It will transform our lives. The Bible is the tool the Holy Spirit uses to transform our lives and make us more like Christ
  • It will protect us from false teaching. By knowing the truths of the Bible, we will be able recognize false teaching when we see it.


Christ Fellowship Baptist Church